Courses for Higher Ed Practitioners

The Limina ICT Integration short course for Higher Education Practitioners equips lecturers with pedagogical and integration knowledge to meaningfully integrate ICT and develop their 21st century skills of creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. The Limina ICT integration short course addresses lecturers’ general and subject-specific requirements to support goals of education transformation across the South Africa’s higher education sector, and scale existing innovation.

The Limina ICT integration short course equips higher education practitioners to innovate and create solutions to everyday problems that meaningfully impact their immediate communities and networks using ICTs as a tool in this process. Equipping lecturers increases the the potential for change in students’ learning and outcomes, and increases the direct impact on the greater society.

The ICT Integration short course for lecturers in higher education, utilises a blended learning model, with participants attending a three-day face-to-face session, followed by immediate implementation of this learning in practice and online or digital learning sessions. The face-to-face component introduces participants to integration and pedagogical knowledge, develops awareness of 21st century skills in order to integrate ICTs in teaching, and equips participants to use these tools in innovative ways to foster 21st century skills. Participants create ePortfolios, develop pedagogical learning tools and collaborate with colleagues to create learning designs which can be immediately implemented in their classrooms after the face-to-face contact sessions.