Courses for Teachers

Putting devices into a class is not the same as improving learning.

Just because you teach with a projector doesn’t mean learning happened.

Great teachers will NEVER be replaced by technology.

Limina Foundation Phase
ICT Integration

How do we change teaching and learning and meaningfully integrate ICTs in the FP class to improve learning outcomes?

Limina ISP Mathematics
ICT Integration

The Inter/Sen (Gr 4-7) Maths ICT integration short course emphasizes number sense, patterns & operations, measurement and eAssessment.

Limina ISP Language
ICT Integration

The Inter/Sen Language ICT Integration Short course equips Grade 4 - 7 language teachers to create and innovate novel solutions for teaching language.

Limina High School Mathematics ICT Integration

Equipping Grade 8 - 12 Mathematics teachers to innovate and create subject specific teaching and learning tools for teaching Maths within the diverse and dynamic contexts of South African classrooms.

Limina High School Language
ICT Integration

Empowering Gr 8 - 12 Language Arts teachers for Home Language, First or Additional Language teaching to create and innovate teaching, assessment and administration tools.

"Change to education is easy to propose, hard to implement and extraordinarily difficult to sustain."

Andy Hargreaves & Dean Fink, 2007