Company Profile

Limina Education Services is a South African company dedicated to growing transformation in education by capacitating all role players with the knowledge and skills to integrate education technologies in creative and innovative ways. Limina provides state-of-the-art professional development courses, in both a blended and online format. Courses are custom-designed to meet the distinct specifications of each client or learning area identified from data, applying sound integration principles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow the future we want by investing and growing creativity and innovation in education using our unique ePlay MakerSpace process. Limina provides professional development courses to teachers, school leaders, district and department of education officials, and role players in the field of education. Our playful make-and-create courses let participants learn how to integrate EdTechs into their classrooms, offices or training sessions through hands-on doing, playing and making. Limina’s committed team of trainers, developers and project managers lead the way to a digital learning revolution with practical, contextually relevant and immediately implementable EdTech integration courses.

Our Purpose

In Africa, we do things our own way. We sing, we dance, we enjoy life and we overcome tremendous challenges with the most inspiring innovations. Africa is written in our hearts and beats its drum in all we do. Listening to our African drumbeat, we at Limina germinate and nurture home-grown practical solutions for the challenges across our continent. We LIVE innovation and BREATHE creativity! At Limina we believe we grow our future from the creativity and innovation fostered in classrooms. To foster creativity in the classroom, we need to nurture this in teachers. So we reinvented professional development to focus on nurturing creativity and innovation with EdTechs in the classroom, in the office and non-education related spaces.
Changing Teaching & learning “…current versions of the potential of educational technologies vastly underestimate how difficult it will be for teachers to implement the changes which will be required in practices, beliefs and skills.” — Michael Fullan, 1992
Play - Create - Innovate - Change