How to pack the perfect teacher lunch

How to pack the perfect teacher lunch

15 Real Teacher Lunches
Plan what you want to eat Monday to Friday and add to your Sunday shopping list:

  • fresh fruit
  • nuts
  • biltong
  • little veggies
  • hummus
  • wraps
  • bread
  • rice crackers
  • yogurts
  • smoked chicken
  • ham
Stinky egg mayo sarmies or pilchards might affect your popularity in the staff room!
Choose low GI bread or wraps as they keep you full for longer

Add protein like cooked chicken or ham or tuna, little blocks of cheese (tuna less stinky than pilchards!)
Don’t bring cooldrinks which are full of sugar, go for water and stay hydrated.  And no, 5 cups of tea doesn’t count!
Try avoiding the processed foods like crackers, chips, biscuits, sweets.  Dried fruit has a ton of sugar too!
Make your lunch the evening before, if soggy sarmies might be an issue just put the tomato or pickles in a separate tupperware
Ditch the plastic.  Our kids are all enviro green crazy so let’s follow their example and store food in reusable containers
In winter make yourself a big pot of soup and bring some to school if your staffroom has a microwave.  You can freeze it in portions if having the same soup 5 times a week is not so appealing
And lastly, if you have to work during break time don’t skip this perfect lunch you have prepared.  
Eat at your desk if need be and stretch your legs.  No one likes a hangry teacher!!

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