Limina’s Latest News: what we’ve been up to.

Limina’s Latest News: what we’ve been up to.

The 11th of the 11th already?  44 sleeps till Christmas!   If time flies while you are having fun then we are clearly having the time of our lives as this year has just flown by.  Woooooosh!
We have so many exciting Limina Courses  ready to launch and we are currently completing the last few.   Limina has all of the curriculum covered with tech being an integral part of every single subject as it should be.   When you mix dynamic up to date exciting subject content and bring in 21st century skills to teach this content, the magic happens!
We had several educators complete the Level 1 integrating Tech course and seeing their progress and what they have learned, is inspiring.  They have made their portfolios which proudly showcases  their work and they are empowered and ready for any of the level 2 courses that are relevant to them.
Learning & Laughing
In September I attended the Beyond The Numbers Dialogue Session hosted by the National Education Collaboration Trust and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. 
The findings reveal that despite progress, an evolving landscape leaves gaps in both education data management and the enabling environment for edtech tools.  

So much interesting information was shared but a few standouts for me was what is relevant data and what is the point of such data?  The tech needs to enable the data collection, which must be present, continuous, accessible and accurate.
A big issue is do the teachers truly understand the purpose and importance of the data?
Training is the first step but support is what keeps the teachers engaged and continuously collecting and presenting data.  Data leads to info…. to knowledge… to understanding and finally…. wisdom.
Every level needs to be part of the process with district officials playing a key role.  They need to take ownership and understand the environment and the goals.  Head office staff needs to be on board too in this complex environment where so many people play a part.
Apart from communicating the importance of data, we need to prioritize goals and communicate this to all levels.  The various departments need to be coordinated with healthy collaboration between all parties.   Policies and laws regarding personal information should be put in place and once again, communicated to all.
Dr Nadeen Molla made some very valid points regarding responsible research.  Explaining the WHY to teachers is very important as many teachers are fearful and think they will get into trouble should performance be low.  Why do you need the data and what do you plan to do with such data?  Others have high expectations of support and help when their data reveals poor performance.  One sets up expectations that cannot be met if you simply ask for the data with no explanation and no plans for follow up support.
The other downside is your data will not always be reliable and subject to potential prejudice if they do not trust the process. 
Limina also attended the WCED reading improvement strategy conference hosted by the WCED and the Coalition for Quality Education at Somerset College.   We really appreciate their hospitality and generosity in allowing us to use their venue at no cost.   As a school they are always so willing to giveback to the community in many ways.
President Ramaphosa made the commitment at SONA in June for all children to be able to read with meaning in English and home language at grade level.  
So much has to be done to achieve that goal and it was brilliant to have representatives from the many different sectors to make this a reality.  The private sector, the NGOs and the education department will all need to partner together to get our children to read at the level they should.
Many practical ideas came out of the meeting and this is an ongoing work in progress project to make #WCReading a reality.  
Elmorette du Toit & Ebrahim Peck from the WCED

And our last bit of exciting news is the registration of our new NPO: The Limina Effect.  As you might well know, many forms and documents and processes are part of the mission to register a NPO but we are trusting to have everything in place by early next year.   Our courses are brilliant, exciting and current and every school and teacher should have access to them.  Unfortunately the schools that need it the most, are often the ones severely under resourced.  And this is where we hope to step in with The Limina Effect!  We believe in the ripple effect and in empowering people to empower those around them.  We train 5 teachers who train another 5 each who teach up to 4 classes each.   So the R10 000 invested to train those 5 teachers results in 30 teachers whose pupils directly benefit and learn in an exciting way using 21st century skills and technology.  That’s 800 kids engaged in their subject, loving learning.    That’s The Limina Effect!

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