Our year in review

Our year in review

 As we wind down this week about to go on summer holidays, we pause a little while and look back on 2019 before we look forward to the start of the new decade of 2020. 
Our 1st year has been a total rollercoaster ride with plenty highs and lows and that WOW feeling you get when the car stops and you made it and your heart is racing from exhilaration. We did that?  That big scary ride?
We have so many standout moments and achievements for 2019 both personally and professionally.  Between the 2 of us we have 2 husbands, 5 children and 5 dogs and all survived and thrived with working mothers/spouses.   We both moved house and lost a few possessions and marbles between one house and the next but we made it.   My motto for 2019 was Leap of Faith and we did plenty leaping and fortunately not too much crashing.
I think the biggest achievement for 2019 was the development of the Language Across the Curriculum course developed for UNESCO that will launch in March next year.   It is an outstanding course we are immensely proud to be part of, along with the WCED whose expert subject advisors worked hand in glove with us.   On Social Sciences we have Noleen Dodgen, Jonathan Freese on Design & Technology, Suanne Rampou for Natural Sciences, Andre Lamprecht for Mathematics, Ismail Teladia for LO,  Anina Lundi for Creative Arts, Portia Smit & Lungi Ngondo for Languages and Antoinette Venter for EMS.   To create a course of this caliber that is free to all educators in the world is such a gift to us and from us.    Isabel is still fine tuning the course and has spent months and months ensuring it is above and beyond awesome!
In a country with 11 official languages, teaching everything in English from grade 4 is extremely daunting to both teacher and learner.   Teaching language in isolation will be a thing of the past and now every teacher in every subject will incorporate language.   
I won’t give away too many spoilers but yes, Reading Across the Curriculum would make perfect sense and yes, Limina is excited to be an integral part of this course for 2020.
Speaking of courses, Isabel and Leigh have been working insane hours developing Level 2 subject specific courses in collaboration with many experts in their chosen subjects.   The teachers who have completed our Integrating Tech Level One course are now set to go and start level 2.   Have a browse on our site to understand how our courses work from level 1 to level 4.
We really enjoyed the many courses we facilitated this year with various districts in the Western Cape.   Introducing hundreds of teachers to the exciting edtech tools out there and watching them gain confidence and become more proficient is very gratifying.   It requires a mind shift and moving out of one’s comfort zone and we are very proud of our educators who have completed the courses.  We are now ready to move out of our backyard and bring our courses to all 9 provinces in South Africa.    Logistically this is a daunting task but it is time to grow and expand and we believe with the right people, we can achieve this goal.
Speaking of people, our Limina trainers have also had a busy year.   They are all outstanding teachers, HODs and a principal thrown in at various schools all the way up to George.   We had loads of fun at our train-the-trainer courses we did with the Limina Rock Stars.   They were also hosted and trained by Microsoft as well as having another train-the-trainer opportunity with Anita van Vuuren from the WCED.   They are trained and equipped and ready to facilitate the many courses we have planned for 2020. 
When we are not developing and hosting courses, we have the opportunity to do some really interesting research for various clients.  I have always know about Green Shoots but having the opportunity to interview various lead teachers and subject advisors, gave me direct insight into the day-to-day workings of this incredible program.   It has removed the stigma from Mathematics which was this big scary subject often perceived as boring or too difficult.  Kids as well as educators are finding Mathematics fun and learning numerical literacy.  The schools that have been using the program for a while are seeing really exciting results.   Big kudos to Jo & Mark and their team for all they do.

I know you are all amped to go on holiday and I am yakking on so lastly I just need to share about the project closest to my Social Worker’s heart:  The Limina Effect.  I have a word I focus on for each year.  I take a while to come up with this word and it’s taken very seriously.  2019 was Leap of Faith as mentioned and 2020 is Start Something.  So we are starting The Limina Effect.  You can read more about it here but in a nutshell it is a non profit organization which we trust will be the solution to getting our courses to those who need it the most but just don’t have the budget.
We are hoping to get both local and international corporate funding and go to every corner in our country where we identify a need and teachers who want to learn and grow and develop their skill set.  This would mean in addition to training more teachers, we create employment for facilitators as well as logistics people in the different provinces.  It’s super scary and exciting at the same time.  Another rollercoaster I guess.

I hope you all have a wonderful festive season and eat way too much and enjoy and or avoid those cousins and cheek kissing aunties with handmade gifts.  Be present, be mindful, be grateful and most importantly stay safe so we can catch you in the New Year!

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