Play - Create - Innovate - Change

Our Company Purpose

Limina provides professional development to all role players in the field of education. We invest in people to develop their capacities to create and innovate, to take risks and experiment with educational technologies. Our many online or blended learning courses inspire and challenge users to make and create with Educational Technologies or EdTechs. Each user group has four levels of courses to work through in a pathway model, each course building on the next, in a needs- driven and strategically relevant manner.

10 Online Modules

Users complete 10 modules in each course. Each user group has courses set at Level 1 - 4. Courses can be completed fully online or in a blended format.

Interactive Learning

Learning is designed to be interactive and engaging. Users can watch videos, complete online webquests or explore interactive games for example. They use technology in each module to create digital resources and/or tools.

Course Assessment

Online quizzes and tasks are auto- marked and users receive immediate feedback = 50% of the course mark. The resources and tools they create in each module is placed in an ePortfolio. This is assessed at the end of the course = 50% of the course mark.

User Groups

Limina addresses the needs of four user-groups: 1. Classroom-based educators 2. Office-based educators like subject- advisors 3. Technology coordinator at schools and districts 4. School and district leaders Each user group has their own developmental pathway. They have unique courses developed to address their specific needs and requirements.

Sace Accreditation

Limina is accredited with the South African Council for Educators as a service provider. Courses are being registered with SACE and teachers get CPTD points when they complete Limina's courses.


Users receive certificates of competence when they complete a Limina course. They have to receive a minimum standard in Levels 1, 2 & 3 courses to qualify for higher courses. To qualify for Level 4 courses, they have to receive an average of 80% in Level 1 - 3 courses.