University Courses
Redesign and optimise existing courses using research-driven instructional design principles.
Training and Professional Development
Courses for multinational corporations, associations and international funders.
Educator Courses
Customized to each phase of education, to equip the various educators to transform their own teaching.
Recent Projects and Collaborative Partners
Limina has collaborated with learning partners all over the world to develop world class courses.
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Limina Learning design

We create courses as learning experiences to open education opportunities for all, and inspire home-grown innovation.

Our agile, collaborative and co-design course-development process brings all stakeholders together to develop contextually relevant and immediately implementable courses that engage, enamour and inspire life-long learning, engagement and ultimately significantly higher completion rates.

What courses do we build?

Training and Professional Development

Courses for multinational corporations, associations and international funders.

University Courses

We redesigned existing courses using research-driven instructional design principles to increase engagement, achievement and ultimately through-put.

Educator courses

Customized to each phase of education, from primary and high school, to graduate and post-graduate level to equip these various educators to transform their own teaching.

We create courses as learning experiences


Our learning design team works with you to imagine your courses, playing with possibilities and doing thought-experiments with potential learning experiences. We advise, share and support you to define the best possible solution for your unique needs. If you can imagine it, we can probably find a way to do it!


We work with a wide network of content experts to create technically excellent courses.


Our learning design team (working with you if possible) storyboards the learning journey for each course. We believe that learning design should be co-created, flexible and agile, responsive to emerging needs, and based on state-of-the-art research in the field of instructional design.


With our learning design plotted out, our learning designers create your course, sharing progress in regular operations meetings wherever possible. We’re fluent in most course authoring tools, and multilingual across almost all learner management systems, meaning we can create virtually any course on any platform.

Multimedia Suite

If you can imagine it, we will move mountains to try and bring your imagined learning experience to virtual life. Need videos? What about podcasts? Drive-alongs or captured teaching-moments? Or perhaps videos with embedded activities and tasks? No problem. Our creative team can create virtually any learning experience.​

Timeline Management

Working with you, we construct a detailed timeline for each project to make sure we meet deadlines and targets. You have real-time insight into the various production pipelines to track progress along the timeline.

Course Managers

We believe in regular and clear communication. This is why your course manager will set up regular (max 30 minute) operations meetings throughout the life of a project. It helps you track progress and we co-create solutions when challenges come knocking.


Expect a project report from your course manager, either at the end of the project, or at strategic moments in the project’s any learning experience.

Recent Learning design projects

Assessing Research Excellence

Our learning designers worked with the Association of African Universities to develop a course for science granting councils across Africa.
The Course in Assessing Research Excellence(CARE) provides users with a self-paced virtual learning experience to assess research excellence from the various research projects they fund from their national portfolios.
The course was designed for blended presentation, with the content being available on the website and Limina’s presenters visiting different African states to present it.

Gig Economy

The GIZ commissioned two courses as part of a larger project aimed at supporting and educating Gig economy workers and policy makers.
Limina’s team is working closely with our friends at common sense to develop a first-of-its-kind course for the Gig economy.

The Gig Policy Maker Course, as well as the Workers’ Course, provide key stakeholders in business and civil society with the knowledge and skills to truly grasp the Gig economy and its true potential.
Course attendees included legislators, technical advisors and lobbyists, social partners, civil society organisations, trade unions, employer organisations and other relevant stakeholders

Maths Problem Solving

The course in Mathematics Problem Solving provides primary and high school maths teachers an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills to solve non-routine problems.
Limina’s learning designers worked closely with subject-matter experts, Alwyn Olivier and Dr Erna Lampen, to develop these one-of-a-kind courses.
The Western Cape Education Department and the South African Maths Foundation have already sent more than 1000 teachers to complete these courses!

Intermediate Phase & Senior Phase Maths Courses

Five Intermediate and Senior Phase Maths courses were developed for the Western Cape Education Department in 2022.
The self-paced and fully online courses equip Western Cape Maths teachers with the specialist skills and knowledge to teach basic operations, fractions, measurements, algebraic expressions and equations.
The Western Cape Education Department’s Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute (CTLI) will work with subject matter experts to roll out the course over the next few years to teachers in the province.

Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning

The Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning (ITTL) courses were designed to help Malawi’s lecturers and leaders at the 8 Teacher Training Colleges to integrate technology into their teaching and learning practices. The courses were co-created by representatives of the Malawian Ministry of Education, the Malawian Institute of Education, lecturers and principals of TTCs. We worked closely with our friends at common sense and GOPA Consultants Worldwide, as supported by GIZ to make these courses a reality in all the 8 TTCs across Malawi.

Collaborative Partners