Integrating Educational Technologies In Learning (Course and Manual)

This course lets you reimagine teaching with the fundamentals of educational technology integration for 21st-century learning. All educators can do this introductory course regardless of grade or discipline area. Each unit introduces a different digital pedagogy and lets you create a wide range of digital resources to support learning in your classroom, from infographics and videos to comics and data analysis sheets.

This course is accompanied by a manual. The manual will be couriered within 2-3 working days once an order has been confirmed. This price includes courier costs.

If you like learning in a group, join a scheduled course. Join us for facilitator-led online sessions for this course in April. Once you have purchased the course, you will receive an email with the dates of the facilitator-led sessions.  

– If you like learning on your own, join the course at any time. Support is provided during your whole learning journey.



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