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Our Problem

At Limina, our vision is to build the future of education by investing in educators at every level. In South Africa, most schools however function in contexts where resources are limited. This past year, we found that the schools who needed the courses the most, were the ones who had the least resources.

Our solution

Our solution has been to start our own NGO called The Limina Effect. The Limina Effect NPC was created as an NGO to raise funds from philanthropic organisations around the world to equip more stakeholders in education with the tools to integrate educational technologies and transform their practice. The Limina Effect uses the funds raised to provide online and blended learning training sessions for all those involved in education. Subject adviser, principals, technology managers or classroom teachers may complete Limina’s various online courses at no cost to them. The purpose of each Limina course is to support transformation at local level within education one educator at a time. Limina’s courses all follow constructionist approach building on the work of Seymour Papert. This means all educators working on these build experiences the new normal of education first hand, and learn how to reproduce this in their classes and offices. They teach colleagues and reach literally hundreds of scholars with their transformed practices. The Limina Effect spreads excitement about learning throughout every sector of education not just by imagining but by letting users experience a new way to teach and learn in the 21st century.


The Limina Effect NPO partners with government departments, other NGOs and organisations. Our purpose is to strengthen capacities and add value to the existing partners already working schools. We extend existing partners’ work and collaborate to introduce online professional development from the various Limina online courses at all levels of the organization. The Limina Effect NPO also partners with the education department and builds relationships at all levels. We focus on strengthening, capacitating and adding valued to the various role players within the education department in order to strengthen the system as a whole. Following the lead of the education department we would work with schools they identify who may need the training and are equipped and ready to receive this. In this way, we reach Limina’s goal to promote equity in the education system in a sustainable manner making sure the system is strengthened at all levels.

Holistic solutions

The Limina Effect NPC provide holistic solutions to capacitate all stakeholders within the system. In order to strengthen the system, we work with all role players to capacitate them to become change agents. This includes the officials at provincial and district education offices as well as educators and school leaders at schools. Our holistic solution provides a developmental pathway model for each user group to develop their needs in a unique manner.

Measuring impact

Our online courses are designed give partners real-time updates to show the impact of their investment. The Limina app can be installed on any device and shows educators’ progress in the various courses, how they are implementing the course content and how this is impacting their practise. This real-time measurement of impact allows funders a unique on-the-ground insight to see how their investment changes education and strengthens the system.

Our philosophy

We believe in reaching one individual at a time and allowing their new found knowledge and expertise to ripple to the those around them and so it goes on.

Reach out today

To partner with us, or to meet up and discuss how you can be part of The Limina Effect, please use the email below or fill in the contact form. As Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”