Limina Is A Learning Design Company

We reimagine learning and create courses as learning experiences to open education opportunities for all, and inspire home-grown innovation.

Our agile, collaborative and co-design course-development process brings all stakeholders together to develop contextually relevant and immediately implementable courses that engage, enamour and inspire life-long learning, engagement and ultimately significantly higher completion rates.


Learning Design

Our learning design team works closely with clients to imagine, design and develop courses that maximise learning, interaction and achievement to improve retention and throughput significantly.


Our Teacher Professional Development courses are all about integrating educational technologies or EdTechs to support education transformation.

Participants walk away with a clear understanding that they are the change-makers in their contexts, a plan to achieve this, and the means to manage ongoing change within their schools.

Earn CPTD Points

Limina is one of the South African Council of Educator’s registered service providers, meaning many of our courses are endorsed by SACE and teachers earn valuable CPTD points when they complete these.

Limina launches 5 new courses

Limina has launched 5 new courses for the professional development of  teachers. We are running a 30% discount if you register for a course now

At Limina, we create innovative and vibrant courses to inspire and equip teachers! Our courses are designed by teachers for teachers, so you can be sure that each course is jam-packed with awesome resources, interesting and innovative tools, and surprisingly easy-to-use digital resources!

What Our Clients Say

"Relevant, spot on and extremely stimulating."
"Once again, I need to emphasize that it is a privilege to work with you."
"Thank you so much, for the next-level professional service."